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I was 12 years old when I attended a photography course at the youth council of Reykjavik city. There I won an award for a photograph I took, developed and printed. Then photography became a part of my life. When I entered university, my idea was to become a chemical engineer. After one year at the University of Oslo, I felt the science education lacking a creativity angle. I was then lucky to find education in photographic/imaging science at the Polytechnic of Central London, later Westminster University. With my university education I got accepted for this study so I and my wife moved with our first daughter to London. The study at PCL was tremendous, a great combination of science and creativity. Four years later me and my wife returned to Iceland, I with a B.Sc. in imaging science and she with a degree in Fashion design from London College of Fashion.  
When home, I started working at the national hospital of Iceland assigned to build up a department of medical illustrations. I also started printing from slides during evenings and weekends, to earn a bit more. Soon I had to choose between the two and few years later I was running “The professional processing lab” in Iceland. I sold my share in the lab 1995 and turned fully digital, focusing on digital scanning/capture, image processing and digital asset management. Turn of the century I founded a company totally focused DAM, both as a service provider and specialists in implementing DAM solutions for institutions in Iceland. The company was dissolved when the financial meltdown came during 2008.
It was then I decided to follow my 17 years old dream make FocusOnNature – photography workshops in Iceland become a reality. At the same time, I became an Adobe Partner and in due course Adobe Influencer. 2012 I found myself obliged to become an Adobe Certified Reseller for Iceland. Today I run an Adobe Gold Certified Reseller company, www.hugbunadarsetrid.is , providing subscription to all the Adobe CC solutions, technical support for Adobe CC users and promoting seminars and training in the use of the Adobe solutions.
Einar Erlendsson, B.Sc. Image Science
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