Chasing the Iceland Light

Join us for our magical photo adventure capturing the breathtaking environment that is Iceland!

Our small and personal group's mission (5-7 participants), is to seek out some of the hidden photo-opportunities, away from the tourist busses. We explore unique landscapes that are sometimes only accessible with our luxury, 4-wheel drive, off-road, Mercedes van "Magic Bus!" We are able to take full advantage of changing weather conditions, and under the expert guidance of Einar Erlendsson, we go where the light is, and when the moment is best. The itinerary is not set in stone, but dynamically changeable to suit the needs of the group!

From the moment you arrive in Iceland, your every need is taken care of (excluding alcohol beverage), all hotels, all travel, all meals, all sundries and snacks. Einar Erlandsson is in charge of all things Icelandic, and Bobbi and Lee for all things photographic. After a day in Reykjavik, at our fabulous Grand Reykjavik hotel, we embark on a photo-adventure that takes us to the most spectacular environments on the planet. Iceland is not all glaciers and icebergs—no… Iceland has a varied landscape that includes green-clad mountains with spectacular waterfalls, grazing sheep, and the famous Icelandic horses.

We will stay at two locations in the southeast and venture from those bases each day. If there is extremely bad weather, then we can use that time for group critique, and instruction sessions, where we can help you craft the best possible images of your adventure—but we won't stop just because of a little rain. Flexibility is the only rule, allowing us to change direction as conditions change, so we can explore glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, black sand beaches, picturesque churches, and sheep!

General Itinerary

Arrive in Iceland at the latest September 4. We book an early registration for you at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, so if you arrive very early in the morning on Saturday September 4 your room will be ready. In case you would like to arrive the day before, your hotel room is available after 2 pm.

The workshop starts with a meeting in the Grand Hotel lobby at 4PM on Saturday September 4. There we will review our main travel plan, logistics, operations overview, weather forecast, and a general idea of what to expect for the first couple of days of our adventure. After our meeting we will go for an early supper in town.

We leave Reykjavik Sunday morning September 5 and stock up on snacks for the drive. We drive to Smyrlabjorg hotel in south-east Iceland where we will stay for 3 nights. The stunning photographic locations nearby are bountiful. We will definitely cover the famous Glacier Lagoon and the Black Sand Iceberg beach. In this area is the fishing village, Hofn, the striking Vestrahorn mountains and the Stokksnes black sand beach.

On Wednesday 8. September we will move to Hotel Klaustur, which is a two hour drive back towards Reykjavik. The drive offers ample opportunities for interesting photographic scenes and experiences. We will stay at Hotel Klaustur for 4 nights. Klaustur is in the center of the most photogenic area in Iceland. We can travel in several directions for exciting photographic locations, such as the dramatic waterfalls of Oldufellsleid, the steep canyons of Fjaðrárgljúfur, Fagrifoss waterfall, and the volcanic craters of Laki.

After our amazing photo-adventure, on September 12, we leisurely return to Reykjavik for a farewell meal, and recount stories of our fantastic fun time in the land of fire and ice. Earliest departure would be on Monday September 13. You will go home with the best photos of your life, and an experience that will enrich your lives in the years to come! 

Special note: We cannot guarantee access to every possible location due to the unpredictable nature of Icelandic weather. As stated elsewhere, flexibility is the only rule, and hunting for exciting light is the name of the game! We make every effort to maximize picture making opportunities, and we can guarantee that you will have many amazing photo experiences in different locations—the exact locations will always depend on the circumstances in the field.

All participants will receive a welcome letter from us, which covers all the details: arrival in Iceland, extra nights, recommended photographic gear, clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

About Bobbi & Lee.

The dynamic duo of photo-education, Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis, bring two lifetimes of experience, along with enthusiasm and creative techniques to to their fun-filled workshops. Lee is a Photo illustrator and Photoshop Master. He's shot movie posters in Hollywood, and is the author of  the best selling book Skin. Bobbi, the "Mistress of Light" is renowned for teaching natural and artificial lighting techniques for portraits. Photo District News named Bobbi one of the top workshop instructors. Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience Iceland under the care and guidance of these master photographers.

Teacher: Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis
Workshop start date:
4 September 2021
Workshop end date:
12. September 2021
8 full days


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