Iceland summer Odyssey - 10th anniversary

Our 11th year Anniversary Photo Tour will take us to some off the beaten path locations as well as going to the totally unique Jokulsarlon (Glacier Lagoon) and diamond beach. Afterwards we begin our Icelandic odyssey to the more unvisited parts of Iceland.

From the wonderfully photogenic city of Reykjavik to the incredible, vast and varied landscapes, to the mind blowing glaciers, awesome waterfalls, geothermal springs, rugged coastlines and much more. This is a photo trip of a lifetime!!

Our transportation aka “The Magic Bus” explores areas that are impossible to get to in a standard vehicle. We carry a maximum of 7 clients in our Mercedes van, where we have onboard wifi and 220V power.

Arrival latest Friday 3. July. We get together at 4PM in afternoon and then go for supper in town. We leave Reykjavik Saturday morning 4. July and arrive back to Reykjavik on Saturday 11. July. Earliest departure on Sunday 12. July, the day after the workshop ends.  ALL NIGHTS INCLUDED, also Thursday 2. July in case of early registration on the 3. July. PRICE BASED ON SINGLE OCCUPANCY.  15% DISCOUNT FOR SPOUSE. 

We have honed this workshop down to less long driving and more photography. We will be staying and working out of 3 very different, image-rich locations in different parts of the country, where we will be taking short excursions to our venues.

This time of year is the best bang for your photographic buck, giving us 20 hrs daylight and 4 hrs of dusk to experience and to capture the incredible and varied Icelandic landscape.

Aside from a few iconic locations, we will be photographing in less visited areas, where we can create images seldom seen.

We can’t wait to return to share this breathtaking location with our clients. Iceland is one of the last uncorrupted landscapes on the planet. From the wonderfully photogenic city of Reykjavik to the incredible, vast and varied landscapes, to the mind-blowing glaciers, awesome waterfalls, geothermal springs, rugged coastlines, turf houses, and fields of lupin.

This trip of a lifetime is all-inclusive.

Teacher: Tony Sweet
Workshop start date:
3 July 2020
Workshop end date:
11 July 2020
9 days


Interested please contact me here:
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