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I would never have thought that a 17 years old dream 2008, would 11 years later be my hobby. But such is my reality today. There is nothing I love more than travelling with great group of people around my country. But I know the passion for each participant, or every tour, could easily be reminisced if my service had developed such that I would be like a bus driver on the road all year around.


The dream actually originated from the time I ran the professional photography processing lab in Reykjavik. Then regularly foreign photographers would visit us with one role of slide film and ask us if we could process it. We ran top monitored E6 processing long hours every day, so we could help them. When returning to fetch their processed film they would take good time to inspect it on a light table in our reception. Then they would pull out a plastic bag with few hundred rolls of E6 films to ask us to process. They had been testing our processing. Then I told them they could get the first batch before we closed, the second batch next morning and if needed the final batch next afternoon. I also asked my staff to clear a space inside the reception and have their processed films there next to a light table and a top-quality Zeiss loop.


So, when the foreign photographers came to fetch their processed film batches, we offered them to step behind our reception and use our professional facilities to review their processed films. Nearly without exceptions those photographers would ask me to come over to show me their photographs. It was then I learned how different they saw Iceland compared with the local photographers and even the different time of day they would be photographing. It was then my dream about Focus on Nature started was born, where their photographic eyes and my local knowledge of Iceland could be combined into a win-win program.


Today I administrate only few photography programs for friends or photographers who arrange for participants each year. More and more I am traveling with small private groups with different requirements for photo- or videography in mind. Kind of a custom-made private tours, where time of day or formal meals are absent. Exciting light at any hour is what matters.


Adobe van. Sprinter CD319, 4x4, AC, 220V charging, Wi-fi router.

Teacher: Einar Erlendsson
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